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Angelina Jolie registers at #1 in our top 10 hottest actresses

You are searching for the hottest actresses in Hollywood today. We have done the hard work for you by selecting the top 10 actresses based on our set criteria. We have taken a number of factors into consideration while putting together our list of the top 10 actresses in Hollywood, CA. These factors include, how popular the actress is. Her general popularity amongst fans and peers. We accounted for web searches and polls taken to help identify the hottest actresses. The actresses' influence on fellow actors and most importantly, the growing youth of society. We also considered the amount of money that each actress commands for her work in film, television, modeling campaigns and more. Of course we were obligated to consider the actresses talent. How successful each actress has been at portraying her roles convincingly. (Bonus points for awards won in the process) Last, and certainly not least, we account for how hot the actress is. After all, we want to see hot actresses on television and film, so we had to consider the hot actress to be among the most popular. So, without further hesitation, here is our list of the top 10 hottest actresses in Hollywood today.

1. Angelina Jolie
Born June 4, 1975 in Los Angeles, Angelina Jolie Voight (yes, Jolie is her middle name, which she used so she didn't have to bear the burden of her father's name, Jon Voight) has become one of the 'in' women in Hollywood. Daring to be different, perhaps to the point of being bizarre, Jolie (incidentally meaning"pretty little girl" in French) has starred in many big budget films of late and has catapulted herself from model daughter of a famous acting pair to a top billed actress in her own right.
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2. Jessica Alba
Jessica Marie Alba (as she is sometimes credited) was born on April 28th, 1981, in Pomona, California. The aspiring actress relocated with her family (her Spanish/Mexican-American father was in the Air Force) several times before finally settling down in Southern California.
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3. Keira Knightley
Born to actor/playwright parents in Teddington, Middlesex, England, Keira (who is also sometimes credited as Kiera) Knightley was born on March 22, 1985. At 3 years old, she asked her mother for an agent, feeling jealous that she never received the same amount of calls that her parents did. At age 6, the Knightleys agreed to let their daughter have an agent, provided that she'd study every day during summer holidays.
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4. Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz is the most luminescent newcomer to silver screen in the 1990's. At age 21 and only with her modeling experience under the hood, Diaz landed a potentially sky-rocketing role opposite rising superstar comedian Jim Carrey in The Mask. With her foot well in the door of Hollywood films, she was next afforded the chance to kick Hollywood ass in the feature film version of Mortal Kombat.
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5. Jessica Biel
Jessica Claire Biel was born 3 March as daughter of Jon and Kim Biel in Minnesota, Ely in 1982. She grew up with her younger brother Justin in Colorado, Boulder. In the age of 9 years Jessica was remarkable for her voice talent and acted in regional musicals like Beauty and the beast, Anything goes, The Invisible People, Annie and The Sound of Music.
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6. Kirsten Dunst
Kirsten Caroline Dunst was born on April 30th, 1982 in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. Unlike so many child actors whose promise diminishes with the onset of adulthood, Dunst has grown in both range and popularity. She has already garnered over 40 film and television credits and continues to command hefty sums for acting appearances.
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7. Katherine Heigl
Katherine Heigl was an experienced movie actress by the time she was cast as one of the out-of-this-world teenagers on WB’s Roswell in 1999. Born and raised in Connecticut, Heigl began modeling and appearing in TV ads as a child. After making her film debut in That Night, Heigl balanced movie work with high school, playing in a few more feature roles. Heigl headed to Los Angeles after high school to make acting her full-time job.
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8. Elisha Cuthbert
Elisha Ann Cuthbert was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, on November 30, 1982. Along with her two younger siblings, Jonathan and Lee-Ann, she relocated to Vancouver with her parents, Kevin and Patricia. Eventually, the Cuthbert family moved to the East Coast and settled in the Montreal suburb of Greenfield Park, in the province of Quebec. Elisha was quite mischievous as a little girl, even making her mother believe that she was lactose intolerant because she didn't like the taste of milk.
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9. Salma Hayek
Imagine being a soap opera actress in the highest rated television program of any kind in the country. You are 21 and people all over the nation worship you. What would you do? Walk away from it all to start from scratch in a new country where you can't even speak the language? Well if you are Salma Hayek that is exactly what you would do.
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10. Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman was born in Jersalem, Israel, on June 9, 1981. She is 5'4", and the only child of a doctor father and an artist mother. After being born in Israel, she moved to Washington, then to Connecticut, and then finally to Long Island, New York, where she resides today with her parents and her dog, Noodles. She has always had an appreciation for drama, and appeared in several plays before her 'discovery' by a New York modelling agent, who found her in a pizza parlour, at age 11.

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